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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Do Sick People Want To Stay Sick?

This blog has been here over a year and many people have read the information. I'm sure it has helped some people.

I have a gripe with many people. You wouldn't believe the number of people I've talked to about these products and about the amazing testimonials that are here. The gripe is that they don't take action or even ask for more information even though it would literally save their lives or the lives of a friend or relative.

It is not legal for me to say any of my products cure people because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the pharmaceutical industry have ensured that laws were passed preventing people from claiming anything other than a drug can cure a disease or alleviate a physical problem.

I obey that regulation and never tell people my products cure anything. That isn't necessary. What I do is tell about other peoples miraculous results. I talk about scientific data that shows how these products work. I tell people about how the main ingredient in our Essential Heart Complex removes plaque in peoples arteries without surgery. I tell people about how our Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) removes heavy metals and that many people who have tumors watch them go away after NCD has removed the toxins from their bodies.

I've told people about how a scientist in the North West uses NCD to help autistic children to become more alert. I even have an audio file on this site where people can listen to him tell of his 98% success rate with young autistic children. He even talks about how 10% of them loose all symptoms of autism.

Even with all of this amazing proof right in front of their eyes, most sick people would prefer to stay sick. It's true. I know this from personal experience with all of the people who have refused to listen to this information and take action.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM? They want to remain sick. Sure they don't miss an opportunity to tell people about how bad it really is but when you show them a solution they won't listen. There is something in their minds that wants them to be sick.

You may be thinking that I'm exaggerating with this post. I'm not. If they were dying of thirst in a desert and I told them that a pool of pure water was just over the hill fifty feet away, they would turn in the opposite direction and continue to enjoy their complaining.

I've spoken to people with cancer, diabetes, children with autism, people with heart disease, and many more and they all, 100%, refused to get more information or contact me later even when I gave them my telephone number.

You want to know about who really has interest in my products and who buys my products? Healthy people. That's right. It is the healthy people who get these products and put them to use in their lives. The mind of a healthy person is sane. They realize that sickness is not the way to be. They understand the logic behind the products and see their value.

I'm almost to the point of not bothering to tell sick people about my products. Really, I'm serious. Sick people just won't listen because it would jeopardize their misery and all of the sympathy they get.

Probably many of you reading this just don't believe it. I invite you to do an experiment that is really simple and won't cost you anything. The next time you come across somebody who is really sick tell them that you know of a guy that has a cure for it (whatever their problem is). Give them a really brief made up story and tell them that if they want to find out more that they can call you later when you can look up the information. Tell them you have all the details at home and the contact information for the guy.

First notice that they don't ask you for your telephone number. Then notice that if you offer to give it to them most refuse to accept it. Then of those that do take your telephone number notice that NONE OF THEM WILL CALL YOU, NONE OF THEM!

In the off hand chance that one in a thousand calls you just direct them to me or you can contact me and I'll help you to help them.

So here's the deal; if you feel these products are worthwhile and want to get some, you can count yourself as a sane person. My contact information is above or reach me at Order something and prove to yourself that you are truly sane.

If you are an ill person with any of the ailments listed in the PDF file on the left and you still don't contact me, you can count yourself as one of the people suffering from insanity. My products work on more things than are listed and all have a money back guarantee. Try getting one of those from your doctor, ANY DOCTOR!

Just as an aside, don't feel sorry for sick people. They want to be sick. If you don't believe it then just try the experiment above to prove it to yourself. Now I'm not talking about the person who gets a cold or flu virus. I'm talking about chronically ill people. This doesn't always apply to the very elderly who are about to die. Everybody dies and we each must die from something. Without getting into a spiritual debate I'll just leave it at that.

This might be my last post here regarding these products. I'll leave the blog here because people will still need to come here. Though this is a free blogspot blog it does cost me money to host all of the files on the left at I'll continue sending people here too. I'm just not going to waste any more of my time trying to convince sick people that I have something that will help them. My focus from now on will be helping the well people stay well.

Thank's for reading this. If you contact me I'll know you are a sane person.