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A diet change to an all plant based diet without any added oils (whether in cooking or salad dressings) will do more to save our health and the planetary ecosystems than taking vitamins. For most of my life I believed taking high quality vitamins was equivalent to eating a great diet full of vegetables. I was wrong. Eating a whole food plant based diet without animal products changed my already healthy body to an even healthier one. All of those years of taking super supplements didn't give me the same results.

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Mr. Michael J. Beninate

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

As with any normal life my opinions have evolved as my knowledge expanded. It's funny how opinionated I have been and probably will continue to be to a lesser extent. 

As for eating. Keep doing it. What you eat does matter. Though vegans and vegetarians do live healthy lives for a while they really do not all remain that way. There are different blood types and different needs for different people. According to the book "Eat Right 4 Your Type" people with blood type A do best on a vegetarian diet. Blood type O people do best on a high protein diet. Types B and AB have their own things. 

Meat does have nutritional value for all people. Even dairy products do. It was found that vegetarians and vegans who don't supplement their diets with omega 3 and 6 are prone to heart attacks. Not all will have heart attacks but it shows that there is a weakness in those diet plans. 

Personally my body actually works better when it gets some meat. I was a vegan for nine months. When I quit my body got more energy and felt better. Eating dairy actually healed my teeth by rebuilding them. My teeth actually got stronger and were less sensitive. Eating dairy regularly fixed all of my tooth pains. Yep. That nasty dairy stuff made my body better. 

During almost all of my life (including most of my time as a vegan) I have taken food supplements. So don't say I wasn't getting enough vitamins. It seems that the basic vitamins in supplements just aren't enough to keep us healthy. All of those other enzymes and proteins and micronutrients in foods seem to be necessary too. Especially those in animal products. 

I'm not saying eat only meat. I'm saying that eating meat and dairy products in moderation can benefit health. 

It seems that the newest enemy is wheat. Not just gluten but any grain product. There is some scientific documentation that proves this. 

Read the book Wheat Belly to learn one aspect of it. Basically it says that the ubiquitous wheat hybrid introduced in the 1970s affects the enzyme in our stomachs that tells our bodies we are full when eating. Thus an average person who eats wheat tends to eat four-hundred more calories per day. Stop eating wheat and your body will eventually recover. Then when that happens you will eat four-hundred fewer calories per day and feel just as full. You'll then begin to lose weight depending on what you normally eat. 

Another doctor I've heard speak has shown that the contents of wheat actually work as a poison in our bodies. He shows that humans weren't designed to eat grains at all. Stop eating wheat and your body will be free of the irritation it causes. He says that all intestinal diseases and digestive problems would go away if humans just stopped eating wheat. He has proven that this is true with numerous patients. 

If you or someone in your house has severe digestive problems, remove all wheat products from your house (including pet foods) and give it two months. See how it works. You might be amazed. 

Years ago I made a video and posted it to It mentioned that many nutritional deficiencies can cause depression and anxiety. Deficiencies in magnesium, B vitamins, vitamin D3, and probably others can affect one's mental health. Everybody should take lots of vitamins and eat unprocessed foods. For those who won't do that just realize that the worse your diet is the worse your health will be. 

We're all different and each need different things. All that my recommendations can do is point you in a direction where you can do research. Most conventional doctors don't have a clue about nutrition. The ones that do have limited knowledge. Even the super informed Naturopath's don't feel what you feel. They can't be inside your body and feel what you do. Take their advice but always remember that you will be the ultimate decision maker regarding what needs to go in your body. 

I don't automatically dismiss what conventional doctors tell me. They do have tremendous knowledge related to the human body. Just be aware that they don't know everything. Evaluate what they tell you and make your decisions. Even in the world of conventional medicine it is expected that people get a second opinion about any diagnosis and treatment plan. That in itself is an acknowledgement and proof that conventional doctors don't all know what is best for you. 

Eat meat. Don't eat meat. Eat wheat. Don't eat wheat. Eat dairy. Don't eat dairy. It's your body. You decide what it needs. Just equip yourself with the knowledge about the benefits and detriments regarding your food choices. 

REMEMBER THIS! There will be times when you change or perhaps you have an acute incident that would call for a dietary change. It's OK to make such a change. You don't need to chain yourself to an ideology of any kind, even those related to food. Let the people around you have the same freedom. They might not need or want the same foods as you. Allow it to be. 

This is my advice in 2017. Read other posts in this blog and make your decisions regarding what was written. Much of the information is still valid. 

Good luck.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Update May 2012

May 26, 2012 Update

Time has passed since my last update, and my knowledge has increased. I've given up promoting most supplements. I haven't sold any in years. There are very vital things you should know. You probably know them already or have a clue about them. They are about nutrition and food. 

Until this year I ate meat daily, often at every meal. This year my Netf!ix subscription was beneficial to my health. I came across some movies about health and eating. You need to watch both of these movies. They are available for streaming at Netf!ix at this time (2012). The titles are "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" and "Forks Over Knives". 

Do you want to lose weight, I mean in a big way? Watch Joe Cross, an Australian guy, come to the USA for two months to document his all juice diet. With doctor supervision he begins juicing vegetables and fruits for his daily nutrition. He does not eat any solid foods for two months. He lost seventy-two pounds in those sixty days. 

His blood chemistry improved. His chronic skin condition that was with him for over a decade was cured. Everything about him was just better. 

In the movie he meets a guy that weighs just over four-hundred pounds. That guy asks for help and gets it. Watch this huge guy do the same nutrition program of eating juiced fruits and vegetables. He does it with a doctors supervision. The doctor basically tells the guy that he is about to have a health crisis if he doesn't do something immediately. 

The guy starts the program and his blood chemistry goes back to normal. The doctor who is unaccustomed to such a program just looks dumbfounded at the results. It is beyond her experience. She agrees to let the guy continue on the program at his two week checkup because all of the test results from the program are amazingly beyond anything she has seen. 

Watch the whole show to see just how much this guy loses in one year. 

Both of these people succeed in changing their lives and health without any vitamins or drugs. They just ate healthy fruits and vegetables. Both of them stopped eating meat and dairy products. It turns out that meat and dairy products are the causes of heart disease and cancers. 

That brings me to the movie "Forks Over Knives". Learn about the largest nutritional study ever conducted on the planet and how the results PROVE that diets that include meat and dairy products cause heart disease, cancer, and arthritis. There is also a book by the same name by one of the doctors in the movie. 

This nutritional information has been around longer than I've been alive. It just hasn't been spread to everybody yet. I'm just doing my part to help spread the word. 

I don't want to sell vitamins or other concoctions anymore. I just tell people that they can buy organic vegetables and fruits and eat them. That is all you need to do to remain totally disease free (other than avoiding being in toxic environments). 

One problem people have when they become vegetarians is they get weak. That happens because they aren't eating enough. Imagine having a lifestyle where you can eat as much as you can stuff in your stomach all the time and still lose weight. You MUST eat plenty of food on a vegetarian diet. 

A more precise term for the ideal diet is vegan. Vegetarian isn't really enough. Some people who stop eating meat will continue to eat dairy products, eggs, and fish. Those animal products contribute to the diseases of the body just as much as beef and chicken. To omit all of the animal products and their secretions (dairy) is the only way to reverse diseases and prevent them. 

One thing to add to this is ALL cooking oils and salad oils must be removed from the diet too. Dr. Esselstyn from the movie explains in his lectures that olive oil has been touted as a good oil. That is incorrect. Olive oil in long term studies shows that it contributes to heart disease just as much as other oils even though it has an anti-oxidant effect in the body. It still is 100% fat.

The leanest chicken meat without the skin still contains twenty-three percent fat. Fish is just about the same. 

I've switched to a vegan diet and I don't like vegetables. I did it by blending my vegetables with fruits. 

Here is just one recipe I use with a normal blender. If you have children or family members that hate vegetables too, give this a try. 

This will be a smoothie. 

  • 2 cups pure water
  • one quarter teaspoon or less cinnamon
  • one eighth of a lemon
  • 1 kale leaf without the stem
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 fat carrot
  • 3 cups freshly chopped pineapple
  • 3 frozen bananas
Get some bananas and peel them. Break some into pieces or halves. Freeze them. They will become like ice cubes.

Get your blender and put two cups of water into it. Then put in the cinnamon.
Add the small piece of lemon without the peel. The lemon is to counteract the bitterness of the kale. Kale is the most awesome mineral packed vegetable. It just doesn't taste that great to me.

Add the kale leaf without the thick middle stem. Just use the thin part of the leaf.

Next, put the cover on the blender and blend these until the kale parts are tiny. I choose the middle to high speed setting at this point.

It is important to do this in this order. If you don't blend the lemon and kale alone the bitterness of the kale will be tasted. 

Next, with the blender cap off, or if your blender cap has a smaller opening, open it, then add the celery while the blender is still spinning. 

Add the carrot the same way. 

Continue to blend them until the pieces get a bit small, which should be happening quickly. At this point your blender should be put on high speed.

Next; add about three cups of a pineapple that you cut up. Put in a few bits at a time as the mixture continues to blend. Canned pineapples aren't as sweet. They aren't even close to the good flavor of one you cut up yourself.  It's easy to do.

Now start adding the frozen banana bits. Depending on the size of your blender and the bananas, you should fit between one and a half to three bananas inside.

Let everything blend together for over a minute, maybe two. The point is that the mixture should be spinning well. This can be seen with the top off of the container. If there is a hole in the middle where the ingredients are returning directly to the bottom, everything is blending well. If there isn't that little vortex in the center you should add some more water or pineapple juice to thin it a bit.

When you feel that everything is blended into very tiny bits turn off the blender and enjoy the smoothie. There will be no fibers or chunks of vegetables if you let it blend long enough and fast enough.

Depending on how big you are, and the size of the blender, this will make enough for two people. 

Notice how it is sweet with only a hint of vegetable taste. It is thick without lumps or chunks. You should wait a few minutes after drinking this before deciding to put any more food in your mouth because your stomach will feel very full in just a little while. 

You can live on these. They don't cost too much because you are eating all of the fiber and liquid in each of these wonderful fruits. 

Heart disease can be reversed and cancers can be cured by just becoming a vegan. You can start by eating less meat. As you decrease your meat intake you will be finding other things to replace it. 

I spent a month gradually decreasing my meat intake. It took a while for me to find substitute foods that I liked. My diet has always been limited to a few things since I don't like many vegetables. Salads were not part of my life and still aren't. I've added more sweet potatoes, rice, beans, fruits, nuts, and something new to me, quinoa (pronounced keen wah), it's like a starchy thing between rice and corn.

Take time to find substitutes and lessen your meat and dairy intake until they are gone from your life. While doing this at the beginning my body lost weight and my skin got clearer and had more moisture. If it's doing that on my outsides then it is also improving my insides. Even my vision is gradually improving. I wonder just how much better it will get. My prescription is a very mild one. Maybe I'll get rid of the glasses after a year or so. 

An all raw food vegetable diet is the best for our bodies. I'm not quite up to that task just yet but it is a goal of mine. Imagine never needing to cook anything. Just clean and peel vegetables that get arranged and combined into interesting meals. Without oils or burned foods on pots and ovens, cleaning up vegetables and fruit plates just needs water. No soap or scrubbing is needed. 

Here is a video of a talk by Dr. Esslestyn and his wife on Youtube. It is an hour and fifty-five minutes long. It tells a story that you want to hear. At least watch the first fifteen minutes to hear of some of the medical proof regarding an all plant based diet. 

Near the end is a testimonial from a heart patient. His doctors told him he would be dead in two weeks. They offered him no hope. They didn't know of anything else they could do for him. He was sent home to die. Listen to his story. 

Good Luck

Michael J. Beninate


Sunday, May 1, 2011

I'm Abandoning This Blog

The last post here was April 7, 2010. This blog will probably remain here for a long time until Google decides to do a house cleaning and remove it for inactivity. They might not ever remove it due to the advertisements on the side of the pages that earn money for Google. 

For now (May 1, 2011) you can contact me at My paperback book (mentioned on the side panel) is still available. It does seem expensive until you realize you will learn so much and save thousands of dollars every year for the rest of your life. Most of the cost is actually for printing since it is a print on demand book. 

All of the audio files mentioned in some of the posts will be removed. So will the videos. 

Please continue looking into alternative ways to cure your problems. I know of proven non-surgical ways to cure cancer, diabetes, and many other things. Depression in most people is 100% curable with vitamins. 

Never let a surgeon cut into you unless you have broken bones or some other type of trauma from an accident. Surgery causes long term problems and even death. Use nutrition, acupuncture, reflexology, and some form of meditation to keep your body and mind working properly. 

Good luck in life. If you need my help find me at 

Michael J. Beninate

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Why Do Sick People Want To Stay Sick?

This blog has been here over a year and many people have read the information. I'm sure it has helped some people.

I have a gripe with many people. You wouldn't believe the number of people I've talked to about these products and about the amazing testimonials that are here. The gripe is that they don't take action or even ask for more information even though it would literally save their lives or the lives of a friend or relative.

It is not legal for me to say any of my products cure people because the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the pharmaceutical industry have ensured that laws were passed preventing people from claiming anything other than a drug can cure a disease or alleviate a physical problem.

I obey that regulation and never tell people my products cure anything. That isn't necessary. What I do is tell about other peoples miraculous results. I talk about scientific data that shows how these products work. I tell people about how the main ingredient in our Essential Heart Complex removes plaque in peoples arteries without surgery. I tell people about how our Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) removes heavy metals and that many people who have tumors watch them go away after NCD has removed the toxins from their bodies.

I've told people about how a scientist in the North West uses NCD to help autistic children to become more alert. I even have an audio file on this site where people can listen to him tell of his 98% success rate with young autistic children. He even talks about how 10% of them loose all symptoms of autism.

Even with all of this amazing proof right in front of their eyes, most sick people would prefer to stay sick. It's true. I know this from personal experience with all of the people who have refused to listen to this information and take action.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THEM? They want to remain sick. Sure they don't miss an opportunity to tell people about how bad it really is but when you show them a solution they won't listen. There is something in their minds that wants them to be sick.

You may be thinking that I'm exaggerating with this post. I'm not. If they were dying of thirst in a desert and I told them that a pool of pure water was just over the hill fifty feet away, they would turn in the opposite direction and continue to enjoy their complaining.

I've spoken to people with cancer, diabetes, children with autism, people with heart disease, and many more and they all, 100%, refused to get more information or contact me later even when I gave them my telephone number.

You want to know about who really has interest in my products and who buys my products? Healthy people. That's right. It is the healthy people who get these products and put them to use in their lives. The mind of a healthy person is sane. They realize that sickness is not the way to be. They understand the logic behind the products and see their value.

I'm almost to the point of not bothering to tell sick people about my products. Really, I'm serious. Sick people just won't listen because it would jeopardize their misery and all of the sympathy they get.

Probably many of you reading this just don't believe it. I invite you to do an experiment that is really simple and won't cost you anything. The next time you come across somebody who is really sick tell them that you know of a guy that has a cure for it (whatever their problem is). Give them a really brief made up story and tell them that if they want to find out more that they can call you later when you can look up the information. Tell them you have all the details at home and the contact information for the guy.

First notice that they don't ask you for your telephone number. Then notice that if you offer to give it to them most refuse to accept it. Then of those that do take your telephone number notice that NONE OF THEM WILL CALL YOU, NONE OF THEM!

In the off hand chance that one in a thousand calls you just direct them to me or you can contact me and I'll help you to help them.

So here's the deal; if you feel these products are worthwhile and want to get some, you can count yourself as a sane person. My contact information is above or reach me at Order something and prove to yourself that you are truly sane.

If you are an ill person with any of the ailments listed in the PDF file on the left and you still don't contact me, you can count yourself as one of the people suffering from insanity. My products work on more things than are listed and all have a money back guarantee. Try getting one of those from your doctor, ANY DOCTOR!

Just as an aside, don't feel sorry for sick people. They want to be sick. If you don't believe it then just try the experiment above to prove it to yourself. Now I'm not talking about the person who gets a cold or flu virus. I'm talking about chronically ill people. This doesn't always apply to the very elderly who are about to die. Everybody dies and we each must die from something. Without getting into a spiritual debate I'll just leave it at that.

This might be my last post here regarding these products. I'll leave the blog here because people will still need to come here. Though this is a free blogspot blog it does cost me money to host all of the files on the left at I'll continue sending people here too. I'm just not going to waste any more of my time trying to convince sick people that I have something that will help them. My focus from now on will be helping the well people stay well.

Thank's for reading this. If you contact me I'll know you are a sane person.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Monavie, An Offer I Could Refuse

Today I was offered the chance to be at the top of a new marketing downline of a two by two system. In multilevel marketing (MLM) we enroll other people into the company who use the products. The company pays us a percentage of what they order and a percentage of the people they enroll too. It goes a few levels deep.

In this system I was just offered a top spot on a system that forces people into a two wide matrix. That means that everybody sponsored by the whole group gets squeezed into just two columns of people. This can grow rapidly and earn money for people quickly.

Why did I turn down this offer? I looked at the product and did some research. The company is MonaVie. It sells acai berry juice mixed with many other juices. A one month supply costs about $200.00 with shipping charges.

Guess what I found out? Concord grape juice is just about as effective and costs much less money. I can buy a gallon of grape juice for under five dollars and drink plenty of it all week long. The Monavie product comes in two wine bottles. The recommended amount per day is 2-4 ounces.

Waiora has a multivitamin that has far more nutrients and similar ingredients. Monavie only has vitamin C and potassium listed on their label. How much vitamin C? Twenty-two percent. If I recall correctly the potassium was less than thirty percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

You can get a one month supply of Essential Daily Nutrients (EDN) for about $60 bucks with shipping charges. That is the retail price.

I'm actually not wanting to promote it in this post. The words written above are just the foundation for what I'm about to write.

The title of this post "Monavie, An Offer I Could Refuse" is about integrity in business. Why would I want to promote something that costs so much for so little value? The ingredients in the Monavie product probably are great and do help people. My point is that BETTER products are available in your grocery store or vitamin store for much less money. Since I know this is true there is no way I could promote that overpriced product just so I could earn big bonuses.

I joined Waiora (the company that makes the products on this site) because of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). This product was originally patented as an epithelial cell cancer drug. We sell it as a nutritional supplement. It has saved lives. It will remove toxins from peoples bodies and prevent those toxins from causing diseases. This is a fact.

Waiora is the only source of NCD and will be for several more years. NCD doesn't even cost too much. If it were sold as a drug it would be very expensive. Read the testimonials and learn about what it can do for you and what it has done for others.

If you want the toxins out of your body then contact me and I'll get you started. Just take a few drops of NCD per day and the toxins will start coming out of your system. If you have some type of ailment you might be surprised by the results of being free of heavy metals.

Please realize that I won't sell or promote products that are overpriced or fraudulent. Monavie isn't promoting anything other than a specialized blend of fruit juices. They are good for you, but; you can do just as good at one tenth the price. You could also do hundreds of times better at about a quarter of the price and use Waiora's Essential Daily Nutrients. It is the best liquid multivitamin out there as far as I know. It even costs less than most liquid multivitamins sold in vitamin stores.

Visit my other blog and get free samples of "How to Be Debt Free Fast!". You will save thousands of dollars with the free information.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Poly Pill

There is a solution to heart problems without the Poly Pill. Have you heard of the Poly Pill? It is just another way for drug companies to combine multiple drugs to earn more money from your continued bad health. The Poly Pill doesn't cure anything. Though it is aimed at heart disease and the diseases that go along with it such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and stroke, it really is just another dangerous concoction put together to make profits.

Dr. Luis Ignaro wrote a book called "Bypass In A Pill" which talked about his shared discovery of the signaling properties of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body. He and two other researchers won the 1998 Nobel Prize in Medicine for this discovery. They learned that by taking a certain amino acid, people could totally reverse heart disease and clear out their arteries. 

That's right. By taking a simple amino acid called Arginine in 5 milligram dosages every day people can reverse the clogging of arteries and rebuild their arteries and veins within two years. When this is done blood pressure returns to more normal levels, cholesterol levels go back to normal, and many of the other associated symptoms go away. With the better blood flow that occurs, people who had trouble walking up stairs can easily go up many flights of stairs and do many other activities that previously made them loose their breath. 

The poly pill is not needed. Bypass surgery is not needed. The CURE FOR HEART DISEASE IS HERE NOW! This isn't a dream. It is true. Those Nobel Prize winning doctors proved it. 

You can get the amazing amino acid that will clear out arteries from our company. The product is called "Essential Heart Complex". It contains five grams of arginine in a blend of other proven heart benefiting nutrients in each daily serving. It comes in quickly dissolving capsules. Just take Essential Heart Complex daily for two years and your arteries will be back to normal. Results begin immediately and get progressively better over time. 

Don't wait until you have a stroke or heart attack to begin using Essential Heart Complex. Start the prevention and reversal of heart disease now. It is tens of thousands of times cheaper than heart bypass surgery and totally safe. All surgery is dangerous and potentially fatal. That is why they always make patients sign release forms so your family won't sue the doctor and hospital if they kill you. Why would anybody want to let a doctor cut them open from chest to toe (to get the new arteries from your legs) when they could simply just take this vital nutrient in Essential Heart Complex? Save your body. Save your life. Take Essential Heart Complex and reverse heart disease.

Listen to the audio files about heart health on the top left of the page. Open the folders and click the first icon. The audio will begin in a few seconds.

Contact me via telephone or e-mail. I really want to help you or anyone you know who needs this information. The contact information is at the top of the page and within the large PDF file in the detailed information window. 

Thank you for visiting. 

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Heart Disease, Stroke, Erectile Disfunction Cured. Diabetes Helped

Want to cure your heart disease? How about getting rid of all the arterial plaque that has built up in your veins and arteries without dangerous surgery? 

Heart Bypass surgery is totally unnecessary. Statistically the survival rate for people who have bypass surgery and those who choose to not have it is EXACTLY THE SAME!

What if there were a way to totally clear out your arteries and veins without surgery? There is a way to do it. 

In 1998 three doctors (Ferad Murad, Robert F. Furchgott, and Louis Ignarro). were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for discovering the signaling properties of Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a molecule that is a special good free radical. It opens up blood vessels so that more circulation and healing can occur within damaged tissue. 

It turns out that when there is sufficient NO present in the system blood flow increases to veins, capillaries, and muscles. This allows other natural enzyme processes to take affect and promote healing. Even some body builders have begun using NO supplements because it increases blood flow which will build muscles faster.

This is a great supplement for diabetics because it opens up veins and capillaries allowing better blood flow to extremities. All diabetics should get more NO into their systems.

NO has also been proven to reverse erectile disfunction (ED) within a few months of beginning therapy. This is a natural cure. Not a drug cure.

Arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis both respond to additional NO because the NO opens up the blood vessels so more blood can flow through, and at the same time that opening allows other natural enzymes to clean out plaque and heal the damaged stiff arteries. The body will rebuild the old stiff arteries when the proper blood flow is restored.

Dr. Ignaro even states in his book "NO More Heart Disease", that "NO can prevent and even reverse heart disease and stroke".

Our product "Essential Heart Complex" contains arginine. That is an amino acid that produces NO naturally. Adding just five grams of arginine in this special formulation is enough to begin this cleaning out process. Arginine is the only way to produce NO in the body. 

In my video about this I state that heart disease/heart attack patients take nitro-glycerine capsules for a couple of years while taking "Essential Heart Complex" instead of having dangerous and expensive heart bypass surgery. It actually won't take two years for the arteries to function better. The process starts right away. Within a few weeks the difference will be felt and the nitro-glycerine capsules probably won't be needed. 

One should continue taking Essential Heart Complex just to act as a preventative. 

Anybody wanting to maintain a healthy heart and arterial system should use this product. I take it daily and it seems to help me with stamina and recovery times after exercising.

This is something I will use regularly because I think the benefits are totally worth it. 

I also take our liquid multivitamin "Essential Daily Nutrients". It has 150 micronutrients from real fruits and vegetables. It is like getting all of my vegetable and fruit servings in one tasty drink.

People with high blood pressure  who use Essential Daily Nutrients report that their blood pressure has normalized and they don't need to take their expensive medications anymore. 

Proper nutrition and quality supplements can heal ones body. It is a fact supported by countless testimonials. If it weren't true then the government and the AMA wouldn't have a list of foods one should be eating and a list of food types that should be avoided. 

Unfortunately in today's industrialized society it isn't always possible or convenient to grow fresh foods and raise livestock for feeding ones family. Supplements of really exceptional quality and potency are available from Waiora.

Contact me to get your supplements at retail, discount, or wholesale prices. 

Contact information is at the top of the page and within the large PDF file. 


Mr. Michael J. Beninate