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I don't sell these products anymore. Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) will save lives. Everybody needs to use this product at least for a while to remove the heavy metals in their body.

A diet change to an all plant based diet without any added oils (whether in cooking or salad dressings) will do more to save our health and the planetary ecosystems than taking vitamins. For most of my life I believed taking high quality vitamins was equivalent to eating a great diet full of vegetables. I was wrong. Eating a whole food plant based diet without animal products changed my already healthy body to an even healthier one. All of those years of taking super supplements didn't give me the same results.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Lung Cancer Success with Malignant Mesothelioma

Malignant Mesothelioma caused by asbestos fibers in the lungs was helped by using our patented product. Removing toxins from the body allows the body to heal itself.


On Oct. 14, I was diagnosed with Malignant Mesothelioma, lung cancer caused from Asbestos in the lung.

I had it in both lungs so surgery was not an option for treatment and this type of cancer doesn't respond to Chemo or Radiation treatment. I was told I was in the 4th stage and when I asked the Doctor how many stages there were he told me there were four. That's basically a death sentence for me.

After all testing was completed, CT scan, Lab work, Tissue biopsy, and a PET scan, I was told by the Oncologist that there was nothing he could do for me and he referred me back to my Medical doctor for the final care.

On Oct. 31, I started taking Natural Cellular Defense 15 drops 3 times a day. The second day of my taking NCD I started to have different sensations in the tumor on my back that was protruding though the chest wall. Sensations like a numbness, to jelly-like when I walked, to bee stings and painful, to a stretching feeling at the tumor, each day it was a different feeling.

After two weeks on the NCD a tumor in my upper abdomen which was about the size of a ping-pong ball was now the size of a marble. In the third week of NCD that tumor could not be found and the tumor on my back was almost gone. At the time of my appointment with the Oncologist the tumor mass on my back could not be found.

On Dec. 7, I had a follow up CT scan done and it confirmed that the two tumors were gone. Some were smaller in the lung and one was slightly bigger.

I have increased my times I take the NCD to every 4 hours, 24 hours a day. The new tumors leave the body first, the older more established tumors go last.

It is imperative that the blood circulation be increased so that the NCD can reach all the tumor cells. I am vigorously exercising more and more to accomplish this.

Larry Benjamin, Jemison, Alabama

To get detailed information on how this product works download the PDF file. It has more testimonials that show it works on many more physical conditions other than cancers. Contact information is also within the file.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cancer Testimonial

Here is an interesting yet common testimonial. It shows how this product worked to clear up the vision of a dog with medical problems too.


My husband Kile was diagnosed with Neck & Throat Cancer - Squamous Cell Carcinoma Aug 24, 2006. The cancer originated at the base of his tongue on the left side which measured 1 CM. Two lymph nodes on the left side were also were infected. One lymph node measured 1.8 CM and the other was 2.0 CM.

If he only had the cancer on the base of his tongue he would be considered Stage 1. However, the combination of the 3 puts him at a Stage 4A. The stages are 1 - 4 with 4 being the worst. Then it goes Stage 4 A, B C D.....etc. The cancer in the lymph nodes started to metastasize into his jugular vein and Carotid Artery.

He discovered Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite and started taking it on Sept 5th. He took 15 drops 3 times a day. He was putting 10 drops in water and the remaining 5 on his tongue. About 15-20 minutes after he took the NCD, the tumors in his neck started to burn and he would get a metallic taste in his mouth. The tumors got softer and less pronounced as verified by his Doctor.

September 15th - 20th was his first round of Chemo. He noticed the same burning sensation in his neck and the metallic taste in his mouth while on Chemo.

His second round of Chemo was Oct 2nd - 7th. They did a CT scan on Oct. 19th to determine the size of the tumors. The radiologist who read the scan called his Chemo Oncologist and asked if he had sent the correct scan as he was expecting to see cancer on the scan.

The cancer on the base of his tongue didn't show up and his lymph glands were 8 and 9 MM which is considered normal. Anything less than 10 MM is normal. If the Doctor who read the scan didn't know he had cancer, and know where the tumors were, he would've said this was a clear scan. His Chemo Oncologist was also surprised his cancer didn't show up on the scan. He had never seen cancer go into remission that quickly. Kile told him from the beginning he was taking NCD Zeolite.

The doctor told him to keep doing whatever he's doing because whatever it is, it's working! He said there is a guy younger than Kile who has the same cancer and his cancer still showed up on his CT Scan after his 2nd round of Chemo.They still wanted him to go through Radiation and Chemo 5 days a week for 7 weeks. The doctor said if he doesn't go through with the Radiation and Chemo he will die. It is a precaution to kill any microscopic cancer cells.They installed a feeding tube on Nov 16th.

He had radiation and chemo 5 days a week from Nov 20th- Jan 9th. Dr Hunter said Kile is the only one who made it though the entire ordeal without having to use his feeding tube to eat.

He said Kile has done the best he has seen in 6 years. I always knew he was 10 ft tall and bullet proof! He had another CT Scan on Feb. 12th and on the 14th they told us he was cancer free!!

At the same time Kile was going through cancer, our 14 year old Dalmatian,Spot, also had cancer. Spot had a white glaze over his left eye. He didn't see well or hear well and his hind legs would give out from underneath him easily. He had cancerous bumps on his head and a big purple cancerous melanoma on his hind leg that was about 3?4 of an inch.

When I would throw his ball during the day, he wouldn't be able to find it. I would have to go over and point at in order for him to find it.Kile started giving him Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite. He would break a dog biscuit in half and put 5 drops on the biscuit and 1 drop on the big purple melanoma on his leg. He did this daily for about 4 months.

The cancerous bumps on Spot's head went away and the big purple cancer shrunk to about 1/4 of an inch or as big around as my little finger. It was no longer purple; it looked like a white skin tag or wart.

He was able to hear and see a lot better and was able to find his ball when I threw it at night with just the yard light on. The white glaze on his left eye disappeared. A fatty tumor on his belly shrunk in size and got softer as well.

Our road is steep, and he stopped going down it. After the activated liquid zeolite, he'd go down the road and trot back up. He acted several years younger. It was amazing. I'm extremely skeptical and if I wouldn't have seen it, I wouldn't have believed it.

I am also taking NCD. I have a lot more energy and mental clarity. I think Natural Cellular Defense Zeolite is the best product on earth and everyone should be taking it, I know we will be taking it for the rest of our lives. Kile & Susan Jackson Duvall, WA March 6th, 2007

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Detailed Information

I just added a widget to an online folder that has audio files, one video, and a PDF file. It works best to stream the audio files and to download the video and PDF files. The links will not work within the PDF file if you view it within the folder.

There are links to important videos online within the PDF file that you don't want to miss.

Read the detailed information that shows which disease conditions are helped by using this life saving product.

The patent for the Epithelial Cell Cancer Drug that is used as a nutritional supplement is within the PDF file. Read the abstract of the patent to see that it kills 100% of cancer cells within 72 hours with no toxic side effects.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Do Not Die Yet

There are nutritional products that will save your life. It is known by doctors and researchers that clean healthy bodies will stay healthier longer than poisoned weak bodies.

I work for a company that promotes anti-ageing products. Our premier product removes toxins from the body better than anything that has ever existed before. It came into the marketplace in 2006. It was patented as an Epithelial Cell Cancer Drug in September of 2001.

This website is dedicated to promoting this product and saving lives.

People who are sick will benefit from removing the existing toxins in their bodies.

People who use this product to remove the toxins before they are ill will prevent many of the scariest diseases known to man from occurring.

Within a few days there will be links to audio files about some of our products. There will be some links to PDF files that contain specific information on how the products work. The PDF files have a copy of the patent for the Epithelial Cell Cancer Drug.

Anyone with cancer should read the non-technical portion of the patent and copy it and bring it to their doctor. Eighty-five percent of all cancers are epithelial.

Within one PDF file is a list of all of the conditions this product has helped along with testimonials from people with each of the conditions listed. There are even more testimonials for conditions not listed within the PDF file. This just proves that toxins are the source of most of the disease conditions in modern times.