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I don't sell these products anymore. Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) will save lives. Everybody needs to use this product at least for a while to remove the heavy metals in their body.

A diet change to an all plant based diet without any added oils (whether in cooking or salad dressings) will do more to save our health and the planetary ecosystems than taking vitamins. For most of my life I believed taking high quality vitamins was equivalent to eating a great diet full of vegetables. I was wrong. Eating a whole food plant based diet without animal products changed my already healthy body to an even healthier one. All of those years of taking super supplements didn't give me the same results.

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Sunday, April 27, 2008

Your Dentist Is Murdering You.

Your dentist is murdering you and your family if you allow him to put amalgam fillings into your mouths.

For years the American Dental Association has claimed that the mercury in fillings cannot escape into your mouth or blood. They are lying and have been contributing to the diseases and deaths of millions of people through their lies.

Mercury is poisoning people through their dental fillings.

Watch these two videos. One clearly shows mercury coming out of dental fillings. The other shows how mercury destroys nerve endings. Pay attention to the statement that the nerve damage seen in the video resembles the nerve damage seen in Alzheimer's patients brains.

Mercury out gassing video:

How Mercury destroys nerve cells video:

Mercury is toxic and has been proven to cause nerve damage and cancer.

There is a way to remove mercury and other toxins from your body. Our premier product binds to mercury and other heavy metals. It removes them from your system so that they cannot do any more damage to you. Read about it in the PDF file in the detailed information window. It gives details of how it works along with the patent for the product. Contact information is within the file too.

The FDA says mercury and other heavy metals cause cancer. If you remove them then they can never cause cancer in you. Our product removes heavy metals and other toxins from the body better and easier than any other process in existence. You and your family should use it because it works.

If you decide to have your amalgam fillings removed you need to go to a dentist who specializes in removing mercury fillings. Special care needs to be taken because their removal will cause a large amount of mercury to be released into your mouth. Special tools are needed to do this. If your regular dentist removes them you will likely get a huge dose of mercury. Please be careful when having this procedure done. Don't poison yourself.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Super Anti-Oxidant Audio File

I just uploaded an audio file about the most potent anti-oxidant available anywhere. It is entitled "Agari-Gold Miracle". Lesser versions of this product are used as anti-cancer treatments in Japan because they help the body to produce natural interleukins, interferon, and natural killer (NK) cells. Agari-Gold is a super hybrid that has even more of the anti-oxidant properties than the products used in Japanese hospitals.

Listen to the audio because it is full of details about how the properties of this product with Agaricus Blazei H1X1 and Sasa Bamboo boost the human immune system to promote healing.

With a strong immune system your body will fight off diseases. This product will help you to remain healthy. The people in the village where this Agaricus Blazei mushroom was discovered lived very long lives without illnesses.

This product is more potent than any other type of medicinal mushroom in the world. You only need to take five to seven drops of this liquid solution per day to receive the benefits of this super mushroom.

You can use this product without the nasty taste of other medicinal mushroom products and without the mess and smell from the preparation process.

You can see the product here; There are PDF files at the bottom of the product page with scientific studies showing the effect Agaricus Blazei has on cancers.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Fibromyalgia Pain Gone

This is a testimonial of how toxins in the body are the cause of fibromyalgia. When toxins are removed by our premier product (you can read about it in the PDF file) the body heals itself.

"I have been suffering from what has now been diagnosed as fibromyalgia. My symptoms are joint pain in various places, fatigue, exhaustion, and depression. I have tried everything to get better: massages, herbs, acupressure, acupuncture, glucosamine. Nothing worked for me. I finally tried liquid zeolite. I started taking it a little bit each day – 15 drops, 3x a day. That was about 2½ weeks ago. After the first week I started to feel OK, but had a bit of a red, flush feeling. Within one week, I started to feel great. Then I ran out of the liquid zeolite, and noticed immediately that my symptoms returned. I called my… Rep frantically on 11/7 to overnight me more liquid zeolite. She got it to me within 2 days, and I was thrilled. It's about 8 days later, and I no longer have any joint pain, and can't remember the last time I felt this good."

Michelle Stange, age 33 Los Angeles, California

You can view the liquid zeolite product at this site:

Listen to the "Invisible Killer" audio on the left because it talks about our toxic environment and how we can protect ourselves. Click the folder to open it and select preview from the drop down arrow on the first icon. It will begin to play in a few seconds.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Essential Daily Nutrients We All Need

Essential Daily Nutrients Ingredients

An important part of keeping healthy and not catching diseases is to keep your body energized by taking in quality nutrients. Juicing is a really good way to get nutrients from nature. It really makes bodies feel great when they get all of the nutrients they need. The nutrients in liquid form are absorbed and utilized much more than nutrients in pills.

A problem with juicing is that it is very expensive to gather enough of the different types of plants to create a good nutrient selection. Surely taking in quality plant nutrients in liquid form is the optimum way to get essential nutrients.

Unfortunately most people don't have the extra time it takes to gather the proper plants, clean them, create the juice mix, and then clean up afterwards. I've done it before. After a few months it becomes a hassle. To save time I would make plenty of juice on one day and drink a little bit of it every day. After just a couple of days the juice mix was not the same color. It had gotten darker, which is a sign that many of the nutrients had oxidized and lost their full nutrient value. If the juice has lost its nutritional value then why store it? It just means that one must go back to making the juice daily.

Our company has put together a special liquid vitamin product with so many anti-oxidants that it does not spoil. Our tests show that a bottle of our liquid multivitamin (Essential Daily Nutrients) has no less than 95% of its stated nutrient value over a year after being put into the bottle.

Read the ingredients list of our product. It contains efficacious amounts of Korean red ginseng, goji berry, acai, maitake mushroom extract, grape seed extract, green tea, and sixty trace minerals. Some companies put just a little bit of each of these ingredients into their products to be able to say their product has them. Our Essential Daily Nutrients liquid multivitamin has these ingredients in efficacious amounts. This means that you don't need to go buy any of these nutrients separately to add to your daily multivitamin. They are already in our Essential Daily Nutrients formula.

It's your daily vitamin product. It's your daily mineral product. It's your daily polyphenol product. It's your daily herbal product. It's your daily whole-food fruit product.

Listen to the audio "The Superior Liquid Vitamin Technology" on the left side of the page. The manufacturer explains how his family likes this product more than any of the other vitamin products he has manufactured for other companies. He explains how Essential Daily Nutrients has more nutrients than anything being manufactured anywhere.

There is a little bit of hype at the beginning of the audio but it only lasts a couple of minutes. Really listen to the technical explanations of the ingredients.

If you would like to read about some of the benefits of the ingredients that are in our Essential Daily Nutrients liquid vitamin product go to this page Click the products button on the top. On the products page click Essential Daily Nutrients. It will be in the left column. Scroll down to the bottom. There you can find medical studies in PDF files. These were studies done by medical researchers on the different ingredients. They are not affiliated with our company. Read how acai, goji, and green teas affect cancer cells.

Download the PDF file on the left to learn about our premier product. Read the testimonials. It has contact information in it so you can get these great life sustaining products.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Breast Cancer Testimonial

Here is a testimonial which shows how a woman had her tumors shrink while using our product. Details and contact information are in the PDF file to the left.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer over 5 years ago and I chose to NOT have surgery, chemo or radiation at that time even though the surgeon felt that if I did not do as she said that in 3 months it would be too late.

Well the original tumor on the right side became very hard, but stopped growing after 18 months. A year later it spread to the left breast, even with all the great stuff I was taking, doing and eating, (over the last 6 years I've mostly been a vegetarian/vegan/raw food person). I was slowly getting worse and worse. Also I am one of those people without health insurance, so I put what money I had into food and supplements.

In January of this year I finally had to give in and do some chemo as a last resort because it had spread to my liver, ovaries and bones, even though I was so against it. I was able to get some low dose chemo treatments and after 8 months it did stop the progression a bit, but my red and white blood cell counts were so low I had no energy or desire to continue.

August 15th was my last chemo treatment and the CT Scan and Bone Scan on August 31st showed little improvement and the tumor marker blood test was still high. I needed a break.

In September my friend, Mary Hoyer, found liquid activated zeolite and I started on it the last week in September. I had a blood test the end of October my red and white cell counts were back to normal and the tumor marker was down to 24 from a high of 147. Normal is between 0 - 38 on that test.

Yesterday I had a visit with my doctor and the old original tumor on the right breast is almost all gone. The left side may take more time to totally heal, but my energy is back and every day in every way I feel better and better.

Yours enthusiastically;

Sonja Stockstill

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

World Autism Awareness Day Wednesday April 2, 2008

Today is World Autism Awareness Day.

Listen to the audio information from a doctor that is getting a 98% success rate at helping autistic children become more alert. He says in the audio that 10% of the children he treats with our product are no longer considered autistic.

Our product will remove more toxins from children than any other product. It is much more effective than chelation with other chemicals. Results happen quickly.

Testimonials from parents of autistic children are in the PDF file. Contact information is also in the file.

Here are some quotes from parents whose children are using our product.

"I am getting notes home from the teacher how calm and focused he has been and how VOCAL."

"Yes, I have seen improvements since starting NCD. My son is just more connected now."

"I'm still trying to catch my breath from the excitement I have been feeling as to how the NCD is Pinocchio is turning into a real boy!!!!"