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I don't sell these products anymore. Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) will save lives. Everybody needs to use this product at least for a while to remove the heavy metals in their body.

A diet change to an all plant based diet without any added oils (whether in cooking or salad dressings) will do more to save our health and the planetary ecosystems than taking vitamins. For most of my life I believed taking high quality vitamins was equivalent to eating a great diet full of vegetables. I was wrong. Eating a whole food plant based diet without animal products changed my already healthy body to an even healthier one. All of those years of taking super supplements didn't give me the same results.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Monavie, An Offer I Could Refuse

Today I was offered the chance to be at the top of a new marketing downline of a two by two system. In multilevel marketing (MLM) we enroll other people into the company who use the products. The company pays us a percentage of what they order and a percentage of the people they enroll too. It goes a few levels deep.

In this system I was just offered a top spot on a system that forces people into a two wide matrix. That means that everybody sponsored by the whole group gets squeezed into just two columns of people. This can grow rapidly and earn money for people quickly.

Why did I turn down this offer? I looked at the product and did some research. The company is MonaVie. It sells acai berry juice mixed with many other juices. A one month supply costs about $200.00 with shipping charges.

Guess what I found out? Concord grape juice is just about as effective and costs much less money. I can buy a gallon of grape juice for under five dollars and drink plenty of it all week long. The Monavie product comes in two wine bottles. The recommended amount per day is 2-4 ounces.

Waiora has a multivitamin that has far more nutrients and similar ingredients. Monavie only has vitamin C and potassium listed on their label. How much vitamin C? Twenty-two percent. If I recall correctly the potassium was less than thirty percent of the recommended dietary allowance (RDA).

You can get a one month supply of Essential Daily Nutrients (EDN) for about $60 bucks with shipping charges. That is the retail price.

I'm actually not wanting to promote it in this post. The words written above are just the foundation for what I'm about to write.

The title of this post "Monavie, An Offer I Could Refuse" is about integrity in business. Why would I want to promote something that costs so much for so little value? The ingredients in the Monavie product probably are great and do help people. My point is that BETTER products are available in your grocery store or vitamin store for much less money. Since I know this is true there is no way I could promote that overpriced product just so I could earn big bonuses.

I joined Waiora (the company that makes the products on this site) because of Natural Cellular Defense (NCD). This product was originally patented as an epithelial cell cancer drug. We sell it as a nutritional supplement. It has saved lives. It will remove toxins from peoples bodies and prevent those toxins from causing diseases. This is a fact.

Waiora is the only source of NCD and will be for several more years. NCD doesn't even cost too much. If it were sold as a drug it would be very expensive. Read the testimonials and learn about what it can do for you and what it has done for others.

If you want the toxins out of your body then contact me and I'll get you started. Just take a few drops of NCD per day and the toxins will start coming out of your system. If you have some type of ailment you might be surprised by the results of being free of heavy metals.

Please realize that I won't sell or promote products that are overpriced or fraudulent. Monavie isn't promoting anything other than a specialized blend of fruit juices. They are good for you, but; you can do just as good at one tenth the price. You could also do hundreds of times better at about a quarter of the price and use Waiora's Essential Daily Nutrients. It is the best liquid multivitamin out there as far as I know. It even costs less than most liquid multivitamins sold in vitamin stores.

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