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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Resveratrol The Super Anti-Oxidant Seen On 60 Minutes

Resveratrol is the super nutrient found in red wine. This nutrient is getting more attention these days by the media. Even 60 Minutes (a news talk show) did a whole story about it.

Resveratrol is the ingredient found in red wine that many researchers claim is the main reason people in France don't suffer from the same high rates of heart disease and heart attack as Americans. 

The French people eat a diet high in fats. It comes from cheese and meat. The big difference between the French people and American people is that the French drink plenty of red wine with their meals. 

The resveratrol is a super anti-oxidant that helps to destroy things called free radicals within the blood. Free radicals are another name for extra oxygen molecules floating around inside our bodies. When they attach to other cells they act like rust and corrode the cells which weakens them. Free radicals are the cause of inflammation in joints and other tissues.

Anti-oxidants are nutrients that capture these free radicals and prevent them from doing harm. Thus the body stays healthier. 

Scientists believe that adding resveratrol to the diet of humans will keep them thinner than people who don't take it. It has been proven in the laboratory that animals fed a high fat diet and resveratrol  weigh much less and live 20-30% longer than other animals eating the same diet. That is amazing. 

Diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, and all of the other diseases associated with the aging process are far lower in France than in the United States of America. Though that is not scientific proof it surely points out that a nation of red wine drinkers who eat high fat diets must be doing something right.

Resveratrol is that difference. Waiora has resveratrol available now to help your body eliminate the damages done by free radicals.

Our company has been way ahead of the curve on this topic. We have a product called "Advanced Antioxidant Formula". It contains resveratrol. In fact, one capsule of our Advanced Antioxidant Formula has the equivalent amount of resveratrol as up to twenty glasses of red wine. That is potent.

Go through the audio files on the upper left side of the home page and listen to "The Most Unique Anti-Ageing Supplement Available" Listen to the other audio files too.

We have another super antioxidant called Agari-Gold. It is another super antioxidant made from the best performing mushroom ever found. It originally was found in Brazil where the Piedade people lived into their hundreds without cancers or other common debilitating diseases of old age. If you watch the company video on this site you will see a research scientist explaining exactly what it does. Listen to the audio file about it in the Detailed Information Window.

This is one of the best immune system boosters ever discovered!

Contact me to get started using these amazing anti-aging products.